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Golden-winged Warbler: Vermivora chrysoptera

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The Golden-winged Warbler is a small bird that is about the size of a Black-capped Chickadee. The bird is gray with yellow markings on its head and wings. It can be found in open woodlands near a water source. During the breeding season the Golden-winged Warbler can be found in low shrubby areas that are due to clearcut forests, near marshes, or tamarack bogs. This bird prefers to nest on the ground hidden in the shrubby habitats. Their primary food source is insects.

Migration: The Golden-winged warbler resides in the North Central U.S. and the Appalachians during the summer months. It can be found migrating through the eastern and central parts of the U.S. in spring and fall. During the winter months they will migrate to Central and South America.

Conservation Concern: The primary concern for conservation of the Golden-winged Warbler is due to breeding with the Blue-winged warbler due to habitat loss. This species of bird has been listed in the state of Minnesota as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

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